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Ways to join

BB Barre is open all year around, but operates the full timetable during the school terms, and a reduced timetable during the holiday period, called "pop up" classes. Usually during the holiday period there are at least 6 classes a week to choose from.

Single Class Credit

Usually £12.50, but try your first class on us for £5 with code YESPLEASE. Drop in to any available spots on the calendar across any class method.

10 Class Pack

£105, 10 classes with a 3 month expiry, from the date of your first booking (not purchase date). With 24 hrs notice, credits are returnable. Find drop in spots across all methods and join as and when you can.


Select from 1x, 2x or unlimited classes a week, making classes just £10 each or, less with the unlimited membership. Memberships allow you to create recurring reservations, booking your mat at your favourite time on autopilot for you. They run for 39 weeks a year, across the school calendar, but you pay equally all year round making the monthly payments more affordable. You can make as many changes as you need to with 24 hrs notice, but the change needs to be made within the same week. During the holiday periods when a reduced timetable of pop up classes run, members get preferential rates too.

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