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Studio Schedule

Choose a class to suit you from our classic signature Barre class, our flowing Vinyasa Yoga class or the latest method - Pilates @TheBarre.


A method inspired by movements from ballet, yoga, and pilates, but is hands down a strength conditioning workout. Using your own body weight, sometimes balls, blocks and little handweights, we repeat small movements multiple times, bringing the major muscle groups to fatigue and giving you the famous barre burn and shake. We work through your arms, thigh, seat and core. Highly addictive. "Looks like nothing, feels like something!"

Pilates @TheBarre:

The third studio in the UK to offer this class format! Using a prop that feeds off from the barres and mirrors the reformer and tower, we are able to work through pilates moves focusing very much on the core, breathwork and pelvis stability. The prop adds resistance, but also assistance. Think of finally being able to do a roll down if you've ever suffered from a back injury - heaven!

Vinyasa Yoga:

You can expect a class that allows you to feel energised, flowing seamlessly from one move to the next, building strength, stamina and mental resilience. Taught by LouLou with her background in music, expect a playlist that mentally takes you to your happy place.

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