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If you have a log in, you are a member🧘

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 To view your upcoming reservations, to cancel or book onto more, please click here. If you are often on your phone, and perhaps make changes frequently, you may prefer to download the TeamUp app and manage them from there.

Membership Timetable

We started memberships from 8th April 2024 :-) These run for 39 weeks a year, predominantly following the school term dates. Below are the dates where your membership will be active.

  • Mon 8th April - Fri 24th May (7 weeks)

  • Mon 27th May - Fri 19th July (8 weeks)

  • Mon 2nd Sept - Fri 25th Oct (8 weeks)

  • Mon 4th Nov- Fri 20th Dec (7 weeks)

  • Mon 6th Jan '25 - Fri 14th Feb (6 weeks)

  • Mon 24th Feb '25 - Fri 4th April (6 weeks)

  • Mon 21st April '25 - Fri 23rd May (5 weeks)

  • Mon 2nd June '25 - Fri 18th July (7 weeks)

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